By Wasif Mallick

Apollo Shark


Like the Maroon Shark, this fish features silvery flanks with a greenish tinge above the lateral lines and large scales.A black line runs from the head to the caudal peduncle, where it continues along the top edge of the large, deeply forked caudal fin.The bottom of the caudal fin is rays , and pectoral fins reach back to the pelvic fins.

Common Name 

Silver Apollo Shark, Apollo Shark, Silver Shark.


Luciosoma setigerum


Streams and rivers in Borneo , Java ,Sumatra; also  Thailand.

Maximum Size

About 10"/25cm.

Minimum Tank Size 

A tank measuring 6' x 2' x 2'/180cm x 60cm x 60cm/540 litres should be the minimum size considered.


They are Omnivorous , so can eat most of the foods.Frozen flakes and live foods.A varied diet will ensure the fish develop the best colors and condition.

Water Temperature  

75 - 81°F/24 - 27°C


6.0 - 7.5


  4- 15°H


A large ,covered aquarium is required.

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