By Wasif Mallick

Red Tailed Black Shark


The flattened ventral contour, the underslung mouth, and the high, triangular dorsal fin give this fish its distinctive shark-like shape. It also has the habit of patrolling the aquarium. The body is jet black, while the tail is red, Pectoral fins may be yellow-orange.

Common Name 

Redtail Shark, Labeo bicolor, Red Tailed Black Shark.


Labeo bicolor.


Stream in Thailand .

Maximum Size

About 6"/15cm.

Minimum Tank Size 

A tank smaller than 48" x 18" x 18"/120cm x 45cm x 45cm/255 litres.


Crossocheilus Oblongus is mainly herbivorous.A good quality dried product(s) with added Spirulina or similar is ideal but plenty of fresh vegetable matter should also be included in the diet. Shelled peas, blanched courgette, spinach and chopped fruit all make good additions to the menu. Once settled into the aquarium the fish sometimes ascend into midwater to feed and in a rivertank-style set-up as described above will often be seen browsing the biofilm that tends to form on the rockwork.

Water Temperature  

72 - 78°F/22 - 26°C


6.5- 8.0.


5 - 15°H


It is quarrelsome with its own kind and others if there are no hiding places.

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